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2nd March -16th March
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Kalanirvana - artists centre
The Pegasus Foundation - centre for art, culture and literature

 Kalanirvana is an art movement which is to bring the world together through art. It is a revolution which aims to create a bridge between artists of different country, religion, cast, color and thoughts. It also removes the gap between artists and galleries, art buyers, art dealers, art lovers and common man . This is a movement where one gets NIRVANA through ‘kala’(ART).

The artist residency is very much unique in its kind. Its not held in a fixed venue like the conventional artists residencies.  Each year there will be two artists residency camps  in two different places. And each year the place will change. It is presently started in India and aims to happen in different countries in future.  There will be artists from all over the world participating along with hosting country.

The movement is  inviting art critics, art writers, art dealers, art buyers and gallery owners to interact with artists and to see them work on the spot. There will be interaction among artists regarding their art,culture,thought,language and personality.

In Kalanirvana International artists’ residency ,the artist will get to know about the local art, language, food, people and will be visiting the important places near by.  There will be an art show at the end of the camp.

The residency was a resounding success and if you would like to read more about the participating artists, in particular Sharlene check out our NEWS page

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