One Good Deed

About Us

As mentioned earlier we are a network of artists spread across New Zealand, from Southland to Whangarei.  You'll find among us award winning artists, many of us have sold work internationally, we work with a broad range of artforms and each of us exhibits regularly throughout the country.  As artists we work in what is often a competive environment.  We find ourselves  competing at awards, applying for the same funding grants, vying for position in galleries,  exhibitions etc.  One Good Deed is giving us a chance to work together again, to support one another to achieve our dreams and simply to show our appreciation of each other.  

But how did we get started exactly? 

Well in all honesty it just happened.  Before this project we didn't all know each other personally but we did have some common grounds - predominantly we are all members of the NZ Art Guild and we are all friends of Artist Sharlene Schmidt.

On Christmas night, Sharlene announced via social networking site Facebook that she has been awarded a place on the International Artists Residency - Hyderabad - 2011.  The majority of her costs were being covered by the organisers leaving only the cost of travel for Sharlene to provide.  She was debating whether or not to go and one by one artists started to offer their work to be used for fundraising.  Within a couple of days around a dozen artists were starting to form a plan to raise money for Sharlenes airfare.

We went to Sharlene with our plan, she thought about it and came back to us.....she would gratefully accept our offer with one condition...that we go on to do this for other people who may find themselves in similar positions one day.

And just like that "One Good Deed" was formed.

Everyone involved in One Good Deed is a volunteer, we are indebted to the donating artists for their support and generosity, there is no way this could be happening without them.  Here at One Good Deed we understand that we live in demanding times and everyones time and resources are precious, which is what makes it so special that these artists have come forward to help with this project.

If you are an artist who is interested in becoming a part of what we do here at One Good Deed or if you know someone you would like to nominate for our fundraising efforts, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!


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